Why Dark Hollow For Wholesale?


“If your customers aren’t consistently complimenting your coffee, then you’re serving the wrong coffee” 

Why consider Dark Hollow Micro Roasters for your wholesale coffee needs?


We’re your resource partner, not your competitor.  Although Dark Hollow is in the coffee business, we’re strictly coffee roasters, and not involved in the liquid end of the business.  Our mission is to supply you with the very best and freshest coffee possible.  Success, for us, is when our coffee is complimenting your business, and helping round out a pleasurable experience.  At our best, we’re helping bring in new coffee loving customers.  Meanwhile, you grow your business and, hopefully, order more coffee from usYour success is our success.

Global giants we’re not

Dark Hollow is small enough that you are important to us, and big enough to supply your needs.  With a current capacity of approximately seven hundred pounds of custom fresh roasted coffee per week, Dark Hollow is large enough to serve all your specialty coffee needs.  We’re flexible and responsive.

Incredible Freshness

Our business model is based on “roast one day, and deliver the next”.  For orders that we ship, we roast, then ship the next day.  Each bag of Dark Hollow Coffee is roast date stamped.  This allows you to take control of your inventory and know that you are always offering the freshest product possible.

We work hard with our customers to keep their stock fresh, fresh, fresh.  Our objective with all of our customers is to never have anything under their roof that is more than four weeks old, but we really strive to keep it under three weeks (or even two).  Our nightmare is a big order sitting on a shelf getting old, so we highly recommend (and are accustomed to) smaller orders at least until we get an idea of what your weekly/monthly coffee flow might be.

Private Labeling

Dark Hollow offers Private Labeling programs so that you can display your own logo and sell your own brand, using customer supplied logo/artwork. In consultation with you, we can also develop proprietary blends that are yours alone.  More about Private Labeling

Weekly ordering / roasting scenario

Every week we roast coffee using our two identical Diedrich small batch roasters.  These amazing roasters are prized, and hard to come by.  In the industry, these gems are considered some of the finest small-batch roasters in the world, and we have done, literally, thousands of roasts using these machines.  Running our two roasters simultaneously is like a slow-motion ballet of minute adjustments, all to assure you the absolute best coffee possible.

We roast pretty heavily Monday through Thursday, and try to get the bulk of our weekly orders out during those days.  All of our bean stocks are in green form, and EVERYTHING we do is fresh roasted to order.

We roast coffee fifty-one weeks a year, and since we deliver/ship so fast after the roast, it means we have extremely quick order turnaround times.  We’ve handled our share of coffee emergencies in the past and we would never, ever want our customers to run out of good coffee.

Free delivery fresh every week!

Every Wednesday we deliver extremely fresh roasted coffee to a corridor running south from Sugar Grove VA to Bristol, St Paul, and points in between.  On Fridays, we deliver to all points from Sugar Grove north to Roanoke.  In each delivery run, our customers receive coffee roasted the day before (and it really doesn’t get any fresher than that).  Maybe you’re already in our delivery area.  To see if you are (and for free delivery) get in touch with us here.

Wholesale Shipping Area

Outside of our delivery area, we also ship via Priority mail.  Priority mail gives us a one or two-day transit time to anywhere east of the Mississippi.  Coincidentally, coffee begins its peak at about 48 hours after the roast, so you will be in excellent position to have the freshest and best coffee anywhere.

We ship wholesale orders throughout Virginia and to any state adjacent to Virginia.  If you’re in one of those states, you’re already in our region.  If you’re not, get in touch with us anyway, and we can probably work something out.

Wholesale shipping cost

All wholesale orders of at least eight pounds ship for a flat rate $5 (any combination of blends and package sizes).  On orders of less than eight pounds, we charge the actual Priority Mail rate (usually around $6 to $8).  Twenty pounds or more ships free.

There are no minimums for wholesale pricing for businesses   Any quantity, no matter how small, is at wholesale pricing. We will need your EIN# to avoid any sales tax.

What about wholesale prices?

Within our market, we think you’ll find that our prices are surprisingly good.  We depend on long term relationships with our customers, and offer the very best prices that we possibly can.  For more details, you can contact us here.

World Domination (not)

We don’t want to control the world – just our product.  In the Dark Hollow world, our customers expect and deserve the best coffee experience possible. Week in and week out, that’s what we do.  We respect independent entrepreneurs, and support the individuality and creativity that comes from our vibrant community of bakers, baristas, brewers, and restaurateurs.


“When it’s this fresh, it’s all good!!”