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3 thoughts on “Along The Way…

  1. Dear Roaster John, My husband and I live near Hillsville, Va and are coffee snobs. We just love a good cup, but, unfortunately it is a hard thing to find in our neck of the woods. We drive over to Sparta on occasion, sometimes to Blacksburg, and have threatened to start a small business locally. The Lovely Husband’s birthday is coming up and I intended to take him to the area’s only Coffee Lab and tasting room, just for the experience, but it is closed. (We are not big fans of RR coffee, just wanted to have an educational experience) Do you accept visitors at your roastery? Do you know of anyone who does classes or tastings? We would like to learn more about the different types, regions, history of the beans etc. I really appreciate what you are doing and where you are doing it! Sugar Grove! Ha!

    Thank you for your time and effort.


    Bonnie Chapman-Greeno

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thanks for your question, and happy birthday to your Lovely Husband. I too refer to my wife as my Lovely Girl, and so appreciate the love behind the name! I wish I could direct you to a good public coffee lab in SW VA, but to my knowledge one does not exist. At Dark Hollow, we’re sort of like the “Keebler elves” of coffee and spend most of our time in our roastery in Sugar Grove, just at the edge of the Jefferson National Forest. That being said, there are still some great places to enjoy a cup of Dark Hollow coffee near you. I highly recommend Tillerman Coffee in the Va Tech Corporate Research center. They are passionate about their coffee and I know they’d be glad to put a flight of awesome coffees in front of you that would really make your day! As far as coffee by the bag, the nearest Dark Hollow outlet near you is in Galax at Creek Bottom Brews, but they’re really more about craft beers than coffee. Coffee really does involve some incredibly interesting processes, and in the eleven years we’ve been roasting coffee we’ve never gotten tired of doing it. We always feel there’s always so much more to learn. There are some great informative coffee sites on the web, of which “Sweet Maria’s” has to rank as one of the best. Perhaps you could read coffee facts to your Lovely one, as he lazily sips a wonderful fresh cup. That would work for me.

      Warm regards,

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