Sounds from The Hollow


Sound setup under the rhododendron

Come join us, and share the ambience of our favorite sounds, most taken right off the front porch of a little cabin located near “The Hollow” in a remote part of the Virginia highlands.  Because of the remoteness of the location, these recordings are largely free of intrusive background noises and portray our natural world in a pristine audio setting.  Some of the longer recordings could possibly be used for background ambience or meditation.    Other, shorter clips might make a ringtone or something.  All ambient recordings are in stereo, so if you use your headphones it will put you right in the scene!

We hope you enjoy!


Morning Porch in Spring is a nice 15 minute escape with the sounds of spring birds, bees and whatever passed by the microphones.  No dubs, no edits.

Passing Hailstorm is a long 38 minute ambient experience, perfect for meditation or drifting off to sleep.  Although there’s a bit of thunder, it’s the distant, relaxing variety, echoing off the hills and reverberating all around.  No dubs, no edits and recorded exactly as it occurred.

Dynamic Passing Thunderstorm is a bit more dramatic, and we caution you to keep your headphone volume a bit lower because there are a few thunderclaps that run off the scale!  No dubs, no edits.

Misty the Great Pyrenees is a very short clip of our security system sounding the alarm.  Ringtone?

Another short clip, Fly Away Old Crow is a short sampling of a raucous old crow expressing his opinion as he flies away.

From the cabin porch early in the morning, my spirit animal, the eastern whip-por-will.

We hope you enjoy this little taste of our aural world.  We’ll have more stuff to listen to as time goes by.