Wholesale Proprietary Blends – what’s our deal?


Wholesale Custom Blends and Private Labeling

If you wish for us to develop a custom blend and package for your own brew, we would be happy to do that.  It’s a lot of fun creating a new blend with a customer, and once it’s developed, we create the roast profile to record what we did.  That roast profile is then used for all future roasts  of your blend.  Since we are small batch custom roasters, there’s a lot of freedom in the development of new blends and roasts.  Blend tweaks in the future are no problem, and all changes get updated to your roast profile.  In all of this, our aim is that your customers are constantly wowed by your coffee, and produce constant comment.

If you have artwork already that you’d like us to work into a label for your package, the private label charge is pretty much nothing. All of our labels are color laser printed on the spot.  And, since all of our label graphics are done “in house”, if there ever are changes in your label graphics or message, we can handle it.