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    • Hi Patti,

      No, sorry, we do not offer sampler packs. In our roasting process, we are extremely small batch compared to just about any other coffee roaster (but we like it that way because we can fill orders almost exactly, with very little left over). So each and every week, we start out on zero, again fresh roasting everything. As small as we are, in order to offer samplers, there would be instances where we might have to load our roasters with beans just for 1/2 pound, and this is a big no no for us. Here is why.

      In order to maintain excellent consistency from roast to roast, it is vitally important that the roaster be filled to it’s full capacity for every single roast. Filling to less than it’s capacity introduces variables of drum heat, heat momentum, and drum cooling by ambient temperature beans, that can radically alter the resulting roast. An analogy of this might be baking cookies in an oven set at 350f. If you loaded all the racks full and cooked about five batches in a row, you’d have a pretty good idea of the time and temp it takes to produce perfect cookies. Now cook one cookie. You will have a completely different result. Coffee roasting, by its nature already has a lot of variables to control. Ambient bean temperature in both summer and winter, varying amounts of naturally occurring moisture in the bean, different processing methods at the coffee estate level, and growing area weather variations year to year, all affect the roasting process and the quest to reveal the best that each bean can be.

      We have developed profile time/temp curves for every roast we do and if we are doing our job well, we are sticking to those curves pretty tightly.

      That all being said, if there was interest, we could probably offer a “roaster’s choice” sample pack that could come out of the current week’s roasts.

      Thanks for your interest in Dark Hollow coffees, and for the chance to expound a little bit on our coffee philosophy.

      Best regards,


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