A New Year

Hello to all our friends of Dark Hollow Micro Roasters!

Roasting coffee is our passion, but it is to you, our customers, that we owe our heartfelt thanks. We love what we do, but some of the best things about Dark Hollow are the friends we’ve made, and the interactions with the community of caring people that surrounds us. As we enter into a new year, our mission is to continue providing the finest, freshest coffee anywhere. It’s our honor, and our pleasure, to continue working with all of you in our Dark Hollow family.

John Cason (RoasterJohn)
Dark Hollow Micro Roasters

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4 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. New to the coffee and getting ready to make my first purchase soon!! So very excited, as well! Helen endorses the product like its second nature… Any suggestions on the first flavors/roasts I should pick? Also , any suggestions on how much to put in the refillable k cups for kuerig?

    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for checking us out! Helen drinks a lot of our coffee and she’s pretty passionate about it most of the time.

      As for what to do first, just make sure that you have a grinder for your beans. It can be a little blade job (about $20 usually) or anything, but grinding your beans just before you brew will greatly enhance the flavor of your coffee. As to a first selection suggestion, I think I would go with some of the classic single bean varietals like the Costa, Guatemalan, or Peruvian. These are all fantastic Latin American coffee beans that share some very nice qualities, yet have pleasing taste variations between them. Since anything you get from us will have been roasted in the last 48 hours, it all really will be good. After you get accustomed to the western hemisphere coffees you will appreciate the nuances between one origin and another. Then later, switch hemispheres completely and get the Sumatran Mandheling, an incredibly good coffee, which is processed differently, grown in different soil with different nutrients, and in a different growing climate. The immediate taste of that, after the nice Latin American varieties, will blow your socks off, and you will immediately understand how coffee can be so good, but so different, all at the same time.

      In your Kuerig, I would fill your container as full as I could with finely ground coffee (the consistency of fine sand, but not flour) and see what it does. The complaint I’ve read about most often with a refillable is that it isn’t strong enough, so I would max it out at least to start. If it’s too strong you can always back down on quantity.

      For single serving coffee I will always recommend a “pour over” cup. The coffee that this method produces is extraordinary, and if you’re paying about $14 a pound for coffee, costs about 35 cents a cup.

      So, the steps to become a level 3 coffee ninja:

      1. Get a grinder
      2. Become accustomed to an origin or two of extremely fresh coffee beans, then switch to a completely different origin for comparison.
      3. Try a pour over brew.

      I’d love to hear what your impressions are as you explore!

      Thanks and best regards,


  2. Amazing coffee! Just tried a cup from Blackbird Bakery and frankly am in awe of your accomplishment. So many different flavors and each and every note a melody to make my tastebuds sing. Thank you!

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